Receive Your Monthly Electricity Bill via Email

Wapdaonlinebill offers a convenient service to receive your monthly electricity bill directly in your email inbox. This free service allows you to view and download your bill as a PDF or image file. You can easily check the recent bill amount, due date, and see the full bill for the current month. To use this service, simply enter your 14-digit reference number, select your company, subscribe, and verify your email.

From January to December, you will receive your (WAPDA) electricity bill through email every month with our seamless service. Whether you're looking for your IESCO bill for June 2024 or anticipating it for July 2024, once you subscribe to our monthly bill service, you can relax knowing it's handled. Our automated system checks your reference number and sends you the new bill as soon as it becomes available.

Benefits of Our Service:

  • Convenience: Receive bills directly in your email.
  • Timeliness: No delays, receive your bill as soon as it is issued.
  • Accessibility: View and download your bill in PDF or image format.
  • Peace of Mind: Avoid the hassle of manually checking for your bill every month.

By subscribing, you ensure you never miss an electricity bill, making your monthly payments hassle-free and timely.